Recent Projects
Audio Score

CHDS Dynamic Media Player

Filed under video, interface, php, flash

A media player that integrates into a pre-existing PHP framework. The media player grabs the embed metadata (duration, width, height) and resizes the media player according to actual video size and aspect ratio. The Web Developers do not have to go into flash to add a new video to the site. They use a combination of php and flashvars. View Project

Recent Projects
Waters Watchmen

Waters Watchmen Website

Filed under jQuery, XHTML, CSS, web design

A fictional organization's website for an online game simulation. The website uses a jQuery Slider on the index page to cycle through images of sea creatures in their natural habitats. Waters Watchmen is an organization similar to the Sea Shepards. They promote ocean preservation and restoration. View Project

Viewpoints Intro

CHDS Viewpoints Intro Motion Graphics

Filed under video, motion graphics, 3D, particles

A Motion Graphics piece that sets the tone and mood for a bi-weekly podcast focusing on issues regarding Homeland Security. View Project

5 Year Brochure

CHDS Five Years in Service Brochure

Filed under print, information layout, logo, identity

A print campaign to promote and document the accomplishments from the first five years at the Center for Homeland Defense and Security. View Project

Master Classes

Gnomon Master Classes Promo

Filed under augmented reality, gnomon, flash, 3D, xml, awesome

My second project using the FLARToolkit for Augmented Reality. Create an interactive promotional website for Gnomon Master Classes.

I wanted to create and engaging and unique promotional piece for the Master Classes that incorporated several of Gnomon's promotional assets. I was able to use the banner, promotional video, and stills of the classes.

View Project

Viewpoints Intro

New Stop Motion Technique called Stratastencil

Filed under video, motion graphics, stop motion, expressions

Always exploring ways to mimic real-life drawing techniques, I thought it would be a good time for me to experiment with this new technique called Stratastencil and mimic it in After Effects. View Project

To design a cohesive package from ground up is key.

Harmony can be defined as different patterns, elements, and rhythms co-existing together to form a perfect union. When this is achieved in media, you are able to project emotions and thoughts that ordinary text and images could never dream to become.

As a graphic artist, I approach each project with the simple notion of allowing the elements to live and play with each other in perfect harmony.

Come experience the different mediums in which my creative expression and structural sophistication come together to cultivate and celebrate the wonderful world of human communication.