Milestones Poster

CHDS MIlestones Poster

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Part of the event package for CHDS five year summit. The design was for a poster that would display the milestones from the past five years. View Project

National Impact Poster

CHDS National Impact

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A poster that focuses on the Center for Homeland Defense and Security's impact on a national level. View Project

5 Year Seal/Logo

Five Year Seal/Logo

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Created a seal/logo that would set the tone for all design elements for the event. View Project

Typography and grid layout are your best friends.

Harmony can be defined as different patterns, elements, and rhythms co-existing together to form a perfect union. When this is achieved in media, you are able to project emotions and thoughts that ordinary text and images could never dream to become.

As a graphic artist, I approach each project with the simple notion of allowing the elements to live and play with each other in perfect harmony.

Come experience the different mediums in which my creative expression and structural sophistication come together to cultivate and celebrate the wonderful world of human communication.