Viewpoints Intro

CHDS Viewpoints Intro Motion Graphics

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A Motion Graphics piece that sets the tone and mood for a bi-weekly podcast focusing on issues regarding Homeland Security. View Project

Arquilla Outro

Guest Lecture Series Closing Sequence

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A motion graphics piece that finishes the user experience on a DVD. The piece portrays the concepts and topics that the lecturer elaborated on. View Project

Coast Guard Sequence

Coast Guard Sequence

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The motion graphics piece was used in a podcast video interview on the Coast Guard in the Northwest region. The piece has a feeling similar to water moving in the sea. View Project

DVD/CD Warning

DVD/CD Warning Screen

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An informational piece that displays the warnings and usage of the media (DVD/CD-ROM) being viewed by the user. View Project

Moving pictures project moving of emotions.

Harmony can be defined as different patterns, elements, and rhythms co-existing together to form a perfect union. When this is achieved in media, you are able to project emotions and thoughts that ordinary text and images could never dream to become.

As a graphic artist, I approach each project with the simple notion of allowing the elements to live and play with each other in perfect harmony.

Come experience the different mediums in which my creative expression and structural sophistication come together to cultivate and celebrate the wonderful world of human communication.