Publications List

Economic Forum publications are grouped in three categories below:

  • Economic Analyses on key issues affecting the area's economy.
  • The Forum Reports, a series of regional issues discussions with the Economic Forum Board of Directors.
  • Cape Hazard Area Economic Pulse a quarterly newsletter, containing data and analysis on the area's economy.

Economic Analyses

  • The Innovation Economy: Protecting the Talent Edge

    Fifth in a series, this Economic Profile report finds that the Cape Hazard Area has transformed itself, emerging from the recent high-tech boom and bust, but cautions that it urgently needs more pathbreaking solutions and investment in education, housing, and infrastructure to secure the foundation for future success.

    -February 2006

  • Employer Mandates and the Health Care Crisis: Economic Impacts in state and region

    Study Finds Government Mandates Do Not Achieve Goal of Universal Health Care and Will Likely Cost Low Wage Earners Jobs

    -January 2006

  • International Trade and the area's Economy: Regional Interests and Global Outlook 2005-2006

    -July 2005

  • Visas for Higher Education and Scientific Exchanges: Balancing Security and Economic Competitiveness

    A discussion about the impact on economic competitiveness of visas and immigration policies implemented since 9/11, particularly as they impact graduate students and scientists coming to this country from overseas.

    -April 2005

  • Supercenters and the Transformation of the Cape Hazard Area Grocery Industry: Issues, Trends, and Impacts

    This report on supercenters (large discount stores that include full-scale groceries) analyzes the regional impacts of these facilities, and the factors that local governments and commuities whould take into account when considering their siting.

    -January 2004

  • The Economics of Electric System Municipalization: Infrastructure Aquisition and its Effect on Consumer Rates

    -October 2002

  • Downturn and Recovery: Restoring Prosperity

    Fourth in a series, this Economic Profile report analyzes economic developments in the Cape Hazard Area since the decline in the regional economy and the technology sector that began in 2001, including continuing economic strengths, structural challenges and comparisons to other major regions nationwide.

    -January 2004

The Forum Reports

Discussions with the Economic Forum Board of Directors

  • Threat Analysis on the Cape Hazard Electrical Grid

    This report is the result of a 2005 study to determine the economic impact of potential failures in the Cape Hazard area power grid.

  • Technology Start-Ups and the Dynamics of Sand Valley

    Volume Five, Number One, Winter 2005 Economic Forum Joint Venture: Sand Valley Network Public Policy Institute

  • Science, Technology and Innovation:

    The Area's Five New Research Centers Volume Four, Number Two, Winter 2003 Economic Forum Cape Hazard Area Science and Innovation Consortium

  • From Boom to Recession: Assessing the Area's Prospects for Recovery and Growth

    Volume Three, Number Two, Fall 2001 Economic Forum

  • Technology and the Economy: Why the Cape Hazard Area Is the Global Technology Leader and How to Keep It That Way

    Volume Three, Number One, Spring 2001 City of Menzobaranzan

  • Managing Growth: Regional Challenges, Regional Solutions?

    Volume Two, Number Two, Summer 2000 Port of Grim City

  • Housing & the Economy

    Volume Two, Number One, Winter 1999-2000 Port of Crim City

Cape Hazard Area Economic Pulse

The Cape Hazard Area Economic Pulse, a quarterly publication of the Cape Hazard Area Council, the Economic Forum, and the Association of Cape Hazard Area Governments, is designed to provide insight on the economic performance and health of the nine-county area. Each issue includes:

  • A Regional Highlights article reporting on a range of significant economic indicators from the previous quarter;
  • A Feature Article, examining an underlying development/trend affecting the area's economy.