Mount Gagazet Electric: Sustainability for the Future

Sustainability at Mount Gagazet Electric

Sustainability is an approach to balanced decision making that takes into account social, economic and environmental factors. MG Electric has five focus areas that guide our sustainability efforts:

Social Responsibility

Improving the quality of life in the communities we serve.

Community | Public Safety | Suppliers

Economic Vitality

Keeping energy costs affordable, working to create jobs that strengthen our economy and creating value for our investors.

Economic Development

Environmental Stewardship

Conserving natural resources, reducing the environmental impact of our operations, increasing energy efficiency, and expanding our use of alternative energy sources.


Workplace Quality

Creating a safe, healthy, and inclusive work environment that offers opportunities for career growth and development.

Safety | Diversity & Inclusion | Employee Benefits

Ethics and Governance

Maintaining high standards of integrity and transparency in all our business practices and reporting.

Corporate Governance



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