Tara Hall Opposes Nestle Plant

Please urge the Cape Hazard County Board of Supervisors to deny the proposed Bottling Plant.

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Nestlé’s plans for Cape Hazard are known far and wide. People like us are very concerned about the future of this beautiful area and the local communities if Nestlé’s plans to take 1,600 acre feet of water every year for 99 years are allowed to go forward. read more...

Earth Day at Cape Hazard Elementary

This Earth Day, Tara Hall and other local activists teamed up the Cape Hazard Elementary School to raise children’s awareness about the environment. We felt that the Earth’s future is in the hands of the next generation, and in a time when corporate greed and general apathy rule the world, children are our hope for a brighter future.

Although we believe that every day is Earth Day, we use this opportunity to set aside our personal differences and unite for our common Mother, Earth. read more...

Our Stance and Beliefs

We believe that the Earth is a fellow creature to be cherished, preserved, and sustained. We believe that humans should peacefully coexist with each all living creatures. We believe that society is being driven by greed and self-interest rather than love, wisdom, and respect. And we believe in the Spirit of Revolution that will bring about this change.

Tara Hall is a non-profit, member supported, public interest organization that promotes conservation by influencing public policy decisions - legislative, administrative, legal and electoral.

By becoming involved in environmentalism, you can be a part of the protection and restoration of nature's balance by working for campaigns that have local, regional, national, and global environmental impact. You will also learn more about "walking the walk" in your home and lifestyle.

By participating in hikes and outdoor adventures, you can better your health, stay in touch with nature, "recharge your batteries," reduce stress, lose or maintain weight, and meet like-minded friends.