Pirate Fishing

Do you know where your fish came from? A look at pirate fishing and the effects on the planet and society.

Our Oceans

When will enough be enough for humankind to unite in the conservation of Earth’s most precious resource: water.


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Fundraiser For Waters Watchmen

What: Fundraiser For Waters Watchmen Sponsored By Cousteau Marine Research Center.

Where: The Cousteau Marine Research Center

When: November 11 from 7 p.m. until 11 p.m.

Extra Information: The Cousteau Marine Research Center has generously offered to host a black tie benefit in order to raise funds and awareness for the upcoming Waters Watchmen “Put Lid On Sardine Over fishing” Campaign. The Cape Hazard Bay sardine population is dropping at an alarming rate for no apparent reason, and it’s our duty to protect this species and the many other marine species dependent on it. The fundraiser will include dinner and lectures from noted biologist Evangeline Harper and from Captain Anthony Scattino himself.

Contact: 555–555–9564 for tickets and further information