Tara Hall Opposes Nestle Plant

Please urge the Cape Hazard County Board of Supervisors to deny the proposed Bottling Plant.

Here’s some sample text.

Nestlé’s plans for Cape Hazard are known far and wide. People like us are very concerned about the future of this beautiful area and the local communities if Nestlé’s plans to take 1,600 acre feet of water every year for 99 years are allowed to go forward. read more...

Earth Day at Cape Hazard Elementary

This Earth Day, Tara Hall and other local activists teamed up the Cape Hazard Elementary School to raise children’s awareness about the environment. We felt that the Earth’s future is in the hands of the next generation, and in a time when corporate greed and general apathy rule the world, children are our hope for a brighter future.

Although we believe that every day is Earth Day, we use this opportunity to set aside our personal differences and unite for our common Mother, Earth. read more...

Notable Charities in Your Community

1000 Friends of Cape Hazard

Working with Hazardians to enhance our quality of life

1000 Friends of Cape Hazard was founded in 1975 by Governor Bill McHenney and Rich Franklin as the citizens’ voice for sound land use planning. Their goal was to protect Cape Hazard’s quality of life from the effects of uncontrolled growth. Today, 1000 Friends staff focus on education and advocacy, to engage Hazardians in a fresh conversation about Cape Hazard’s future, and how to make sure it’s a future we all want. We seek to enhance the quality of life we enjoy in Cape Hazard by building livable urban and rural communities, protecting family farms and forests, and conserving natural and scenic areas.

CH Conservation Foundation

Linking donors and Cape Hazards’s conservation community

Founded in 1980, the Cape Hazard Conservation Foundation (CHCF) builds strategic leadership and support for regional efforts to take care of wildlands, waters, and wildlife, which sustain diverse cultures, healthy communities, and prosperous economies. CHCF is at the hub of the Cape Hazard environmental network, in touch with both local and national efforts. With a demonstrated capacity for taking a long–term view of Cape Harard, CHCF is working to build broad–based public support for environmental protection and for institutionalizing a sound conservation ethic, through grantmaking to the most effective grassroots conservation organizations in Cape Hazard. Over the last 27 years, CHCF has made over $26 million worth of grants to over 200 organizations working to ensure that Cape Hazard's wildlands, waters and wildlife are protected for future generations.